the GLOVELAST story

I was looking forward to an afternoon of golf with some old friends. I arrived early to hit a few balls before our tee time.  The last time I played I had attached my new golf glove to the strap of my bag using the velcro of the glove. But now my glove was missing.  Our tee time was approaching and I still hadn't found it.  Finally I found an old glove in a pocket of my golf bag.  It was crinkly and stiff.

Trying to get this glove comfortable enough to play cut into my time on the driving range and the beginning of the round was beyond frustrating.

After playing the front nine, I discarded this old glove at the turn and bought a new one in the pro shop.  Walking off the 18th hole, I looked for the lost glove without success.

I thought there has to be a product out there that would help preserve my glove so that it's comfortable -- maybe even help my game.  I stopped at a few golf shops and searched online but what I was looking for didn't exist.That was the day Glovelast was conceived.  Still it took years to bring it to life --

I wanted a quality product and I wanted it MADE IN THE USA. 

And so it is.