Blue Glovelast

Blue Glovelast


GLOVELAST(tm) is a new and unique product sure to excite the golfer or other sports enthusiast.  Designed with a patented pronated thumb to maintain the shape of your glove and a raised-rib design to help the organic drying process, GLOVELAST may not help your game - but it couldn't hurt.

GLOVELAST is made of durable polypropylene, a safe plastic used for food containers and hot beverages.  Its smooth surface allows you to slip your glove on and off easily - preserving the contour and comfort between golf rounds and games.

It comes with a carabiner hook so you can keep it handy on your golf or sports bag - and it's lightweight for traveling.

GLOVELAST is a great gift for a golfer or anyone who uses a hand-fitted sports glove.

* One size fits most adult size gloves - taking the guesswork out of gift-giving.

* Available for right or left hand gloves.

* Available in sharp black, white, pink or blue. New colors coming soon!

$16.99 (includes tax) per GLOVELAST

$5 standard shipping

Most major credit cards accepted.

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